Content Management

Content Management, Our Approach.

In today’s economy, a business without an online presence is losing money. We blend Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic Design services; toss in content management and creation to create a verbal business image that is easy to find online; and then watch the conversion of visitors into customers. Currently 8 out of 10 people use search engines to find information about products or services important to them. A well-built and maintained online presence will play a huge role in igniting the success of your company. Let MD turn your website into a real customer generator.

Content Generation

Content is Power

People using Google are in a different realm. Here, the individual researching has some sort of need. There is an immediate investment to make contact not present with more traditional forms of marketing. The majority of potential customers can be found online. Google alone gets over 40,000 search queries per second according to Internet Live Stats. So you must stand out from your competition. Uniquely and well written content is key. It allows Google to see you as an authority, thus funneling more potential clients towards you. When creating content, you’re not intruding on someone’s personal time to push a product; you’re guiding someone looking for a solution to a problem or question thru your website.

Content is KING

Your business’ blogs, social media, and other marketing tools, continuously updated, contribute to increasing your page ranking and site traffic. Content creation and content management are one of McNeary Designs’s specialized services. Our content writing team provide continual content development with consistent SEO practices, all while staying true to your company’s message and branding identity.

Webpages and blogs serve an important purpose. They give your website content that Google, and other search engines, can “crawl” and analyze. With each webpage, blog, or other piece of content written, we consider what bit of content would best serve your customers. Keeping that customer in mind, and ask yourself:

Is my current content helpful to the customer?
Is it content entertaining, thoughtful, and clear?
Does the content make sense to someone with a no typical knowledge?

If you cannot answer “Yes!” to any of the above with confidence, you need McNeary Designs to rewrite your content. We are the first step towards quality SEO friendly content to help generate new customers. Giving them complete information about your company and providing opportunities to easily understand your services. It’s all well and good to have a perfectly-crafted page, but if the content itself isn’t optimized for your audience, it’s not going to convert visitors to customers.